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地點: 美國加州爾灣
牧師: Andrew Chen
聯絡人: Christina Liu
電話: (949) 422-8768
地址: 2 Fernbank
  Irvine, CA 92604
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The Establishment of Celebrate Recovery Chinese (CRC) Bylaws


The Bylaws of “Celebrate Recovery Chinese” (CRC) are results of diligent work and research by the first term of the Board of Directors of CRC. The Bylaws have been established in an effort to best serve the needs of CRC. The contents of the Bylaws have been established abiding by the Christian Biblical doctrine as the fundamentals and belief, and abiding by the principles of “Celebrate Recovery” originated and developed by Pastor Rick Warren and Pastor John Baker.


The Board of Directors structuredthe “Government”section of the Bylaws by studying the structures of the mainstream churches that abide by the true Christian Biblical teachings. These sources were used as references in the effort to complete what best serves the purposes and visions of CRC.

The CRC Bylaws are considered as final product and filed to the State of California in May 2016, and are not subject to changes except with compliance to the Amendment provision stated in the Bylaws.


The Board of Directors of Celebrate Recovery Chinese 2016 -2017:
Christian Liu, Esther Chow, Sheila Tseng

Celebrate Recovery Chinese

2 Fernbank Irvine, CA 92604


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